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steam waletThe fact that life has become so hard and there are so many bills to cater every day leaves you with no extra coin to spare and spend in your favorite game.

This should not be your worry anymore. This is because there are so many options out there of accessing your favorite games without paying a single cent.

This should, however, be done cautiously as there are thousands of sites promising to offer the same but are just out there to exploit you and spam you any time they get an opportunity to.

The fact that there are so many fake sites offering free steam wallet codes games is not a reason for you to give up trying; all you need is in-depth research and being careful before signing in to the site. Below are some ways you can engage in to earn your free steam games.

CVG Golden Joysticks

Computer and Video Games which is generally known as CVG hosts the Golden Joysticks once in a year meant for their fans. The CVG Golden Joysticks is an award ceremony for games that is sponsored by Green Man Gaming. The gamers are expected to vote on their favorites in every category. The respondent will then be rewarded with a free game or two for participating in the voting process once the competition is over.

AMA on Reddit

Once in a while, you will find developers hosting an Ask Me Anything (abbreviated as AMA) on Reddit and as a way of attracting the attention of many gamers; they give away keys for their different games on GOG or Desura. This goes a long way enticing people not only to attend but also ask questions.

The truth is, many people who participate in this AMA do it with a sole goal of getting the free keys. To participate, the gamer is usually required to send a question, and the developers send the answer with a key. In some instances, they might decide to post various keys somewhere else off-site especially Google Docs, the game can then pick a key of their choice and activate it.

GOG Speed Test

The GOG.com hosts a Speed Test Once a year whose aim is finding out what an average download speed in each region worldwide is. Once you participate, you highly stand a chance to get a free game. Although this one is not assured, the best thing is that you are sure it is a genuine way of earning a free game.

Game giveaways

Different sites like GOG.com, valve, and Origin gives away some games at least once a year. Although the game is given a few hours per year, you would be lucky enough to enjoy several games in a year if you can get all these games. For GOG.com, they give away a maximum of 3 games and each game for 48 hours while origin sometimes gives gamers a month of picking a game for free. With this information in hand, you have no reason for keeping off from the gaming field.