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Our brand new Robux hack is now released. We have features that NO OTHER hack site has, and these are all released for free. Due to our unique injection methods, and specialist coding, this hack will NEVER be detected by Roblox.

This is due to polymorphic coding, which means every hack is unique, therefore Roblox cannot specifically target our hack, and this way we have had 0 BANS!

The Free-GameHacks team has been coding this for a while, and we make sure that we keep this up to date, with all the latest Robux patches.

The Free Robux Hack generator has been up and running for several months now, and follow our tutorial below on how to hack robux.

Current feature list:

– Aimbot

– Player ESP

– Item ESP

– Speed Hack

– Item Magnet(Takes all items in 100M to your feet)

– No Hunger

– No Thirst

– Instant Disconnect

– No Recoil

– No Fatigue

– No Grass

– Zombie Shield(kills all zombies within 100m)

– Disarm Enemies

– Heal To Full Health

We are adding more new features every day, and the hack will automatically update once you download, so no need to re download the hack.

Do not risk your Robuxaccount with any other hack site, they WILL get you banned. No other hack site has coded their hacks with polymorphic injection, which is why their users constantly get banned. Roblox can only detect the hacks when injecting, once injected you are free to use any features, and cannot be banned for any of the features used. Be careful not to RAGE hack and kill all people on the server, as they may report you, and if you get enough reports then you may be banned. Changing your name regularly in-game is recommended.

A tutorial on how to use our hack will be posted below, please read if you are unsure or are having difficulties.

First you want to download it by clicking one of the download links in this post.

Once downloaded, you can open up the software and you will see the following screen

Select the features that you wish to use, some features are activated only one injected. So Disarm Enemies, Zombie Shield, and Heal to Full have to be manually clicked once in game to activate them, any feature with a check box will load up automatically if you select the tick in the box.

We have selected the following features for this example.

Next you want to press Inject, and then load up Robux. The hack will then inject into the Robuxclient.

Once succesfulyl injected it will then display: “Injection Complete”. You can now hack on Robuxall you want, and use any features available in the hack.

To disable any features simply untick the check box. The Aimbot will automatically aim at the head, or the most damaged body part depending on whether gear is ruined, or un-equipped, therefore it will do maximum damage, and will kill your enemies extremely fast.

Speedhack default speed is set at 10, this will make your speed 10x your normal speed, it will look like your teleporting to other users.