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free psn

Free PSN Cards is only a fantasy, right? Well, that’s completely wrong and getting free PSN cards is easy, legit and won’t require a credit card or cell phone!

How does this work?

A 12-digit/alphabetical code is usually found behind a psn card, right? Well, when you order your Free PSN cards, that code will be sent to your email address. It’s as simple as that! When you complete a survey, for a site like Gifts4Points, that site gets paid by the advertiser and you get a certain amount of cash from them as well.

Where’s the proof that this works?

Proof? Well, first of all, I’ve made approximately $1.5k in the few months that the site has launched. Most of my proof can be viewed on the side panel of this site. Note, most of my cashouts have been Amazon Gift Certificates but free PSN cards are constantly ordered as well.

Gifts4Points has given away thousands of dollars in prizes. Some users have received Free PSN cards, and others have received free UGC game codes. The possibilities are endless!

This process only has 3 steps and most can be completed in under a minute, check it out and get ready for free psn codes generator weekly, maybe even daily.

Step 1: Sign-up!

Alright, simply click the banner above or click here and continue to register. Make sure you use a valid email address so that you may confirm your account! By confirming your account, you’ll receive a set amount of bonus points getting you closer to those Free PSN cards you want!*

*As of writing this post, the bonus points for confirming your email address is set at 100 points, this rate may change and I am not responsible for that change.

Step 2:

Complete free surveys/offers/ptcs!

Gifts4Points has a wide variety of high paying and fast crediting offers. Better that every other site on the internet.

The free surveys are refreshed every day meaning you can receive those points daily as long as your eligbile for that surveys.

PTCs are Paid-To-Click links. All you have to do is click the link, click another link on that page, and wait the 10 seconds. Each link pays $0.03 and the PTCs are refreshed every 24 hours. This the easiest way to get free PSN cards internationally!

Step 3: Redeem your points for any prize!

After step 2, you should have a certain amount of points. This is my favorite part of this because now you can chose your prize! When you have enough points, you can redeem them for free PSN cards or any other prize on the site.

That’s it! You’re done and now you can get anything you want off of the Playstation Network. Enjoy your prizes, cause I know I enjoy mine!